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“BOSS: A Benchmark for Human Belief Prediction in Object-context Scenarios”

ArXiv Preprint

Authors: Jiafei Duan*, Samson Yu*, Nicholas Tan, Li Yi, Cheston Tan

[Paper][Project Page][Code]

“Good Time to Ask: A Learning Framework for Asking for Help in Embodied Visual Navigation”

ArXiv Preprint

Authors: Jenny Zhang, Samson Yu, Jiafei Duan, Cheston Tan


ABCDE: An Agent-Based Cognitive Development Environment”

[CVPR 2022]

(Embodied AI Workshop)

Authors: Jieyi Ye, Jiafei Duan, Samson Yu, Bihan Wen, Cheston Tan

[Paper] [Demo]

“A Survey on Machine Learning Approaches for Modelling Intuitive Physics ”


(Survey Track (Oral) , 18% Acceptance Rate)

Authors: Jiafei Duan*, Arijit Dasgupta*, Jason Fischer, Cheston Tan

[Paper] [Project Page] [Video]

“PIP: Physical Interaction Prediction via Mental Simulation with Span Selection”

[ECCV 2022]

(Poster Presentation, 28% Acceptance Rate)

Authors: Jiafei Duan*, Samson Yu*, Soujanya Poria, Bihan Wen, Cheston Tan

[Paper] [Project Page] [Code]

“AVoE: A Synthetic 3D Dataset on Understanding Violation of Expectation for Artificial Cognition ”

[NeurIPS 2021]

(Physical Reasoning and Inductive Bias Workshop)

Authors: Arijit Dasgupta, Jiafei Duan, Marcelo H.Ang Jr, Cheston Tan

[Paper] [Code] [Video]

“SPACE: A Simulator for Physical Interactions and Causal Learning in 3D Environments ”


(Simulation Technology for Embodied AI Workshop)

Authors: Jiafei Duan, Samson Yu, Cheston Tan

[Paper] [Code] [Video] [Project Page]

“A Survey of Embodied AI: From Simulators to Research Tasks.”

[IEEE Transactions on Emerging Topics in Computational Intelligence]

(Impact Factor: 12.5)

Authors: Jiafei Duan, Samson Yu, Tan Hui Li, Hongyuan Zhu, Cheston Tan


“ActioNet: An Interactive End-to-End Platform for Tasked-Based Data Collection and Augmentation in 3D Environment.”

[ICIP 2020]

(Poster Presentation, 47.9% Acceptance Rate)

Authors: Jiafei Duan, Samson Yu, Tan Hui Li, Cheston Tan

[Paper] [Code] [Video][Project Page]

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