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I aspire to reverse-engineer human cognition, to build embodied machines that can see, learn, and interact with human-level cognition and social intelligence.

Area of research interests:

Embodied AI / Computer Vision / Computational Cognitive Science/

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Jiafei Duan

Hi, I am currently an AI research engineer at the Institute of Infocomm Research, Agency of Science, Technology and Research. I earned my B.Eng (Electrical and Electronics Engineering) with honors (Highest Distinction) from the Nanyang Technological University of Singapore working with Dr Cheston Tan (A*STAR) and Professor Wen Bihan (NTU EEE). I am interested in the field of AI, specifically in the area of Embodied AI, Computational Cognitive Science, and Computer Vision. I was previously an A*STAR undergraduate scholar and currently a recipient of the National Science (PhD) scholarship. I will be starting my PhD at the University of Washington, Allen School of Computer Science Engineering under the advisory of Professor Dieter Fox.

Latest News



  • [Non-Academic Achievement] Awarded the Nanyang Award for Teamwork ( Highest honor given to a student club)
  • [Conference Service] I am an invited reviewer for CVPR 2022
  • [Publication] 1 paper accepted for Neurips 2021 PRIBRW (Spotlight Paper)
  • [News] Interviewed and featured in Straits Times and Channel 8 News
  • [Publication] 1 paper accepted for ICCV21 SEAI Workshop (Spotlight Paper)
  • [Academic Achievement] Awarded Koh Boon Hwee Scholars Award (Gold Medal)
  • [Academic Achievement] Awarded NTU Class of 1985 Book Prize
  • [Academic Achievement] Awarded NTU EEE Excellence Award
  • [Research] Won 3rd Prize at NTU Final Year Project Challenge
  • [Academic Achievement] Awarded the National Science Scholarship (PhD) Overseas by A*STAR
  • [Talk] Invited Opening Speaker for AI Research Undergraduate Conference 2021
  • [Talk] Invited Guest Speaker for the NTU EEE Research Apprenticeship Program


  • [Competition] Won the Superlative Award, SIA App Challenge 2020
  • [Publication] 1 paper accepted for IEEE ICIP 2020
  • [Research] Awarded the Best Poster Award at AI Summer School 2020, AI Singapore
  • [Academic Achievement] Completed my undergraduate exchange program at Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
  • [Research] Completed the undergraduate research ECE 2699 under Dr Ayanna Howard, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA.
  • [Competition] Won the “Most Innovative 5G/IoT/Sensors Design Award at MAKEMIT Hackathon, MIT
  • [Talk] Invited Guest Speaker at the Ngee Ann Polytechnic Alumni Sharing
  • [Voluntary Service] Invited Judge for the MLDAxSGInnovate AI Hackathon


  • [Competition] Won the 1st Runner up for Singapore-India Hackathon 2019, Chennai India
  • [Academic Achievement] Dean’s List for Academic Year 2018/19
  • [Research] Awarded the Excellent Research Presentation Award, 6th ASPIRE Undergraduate Research Conference at KAIST Korea.
  • [Academic Achievement] Awarded the NTU Silicon Valley Technological Study Trip Award


*Here are all the published work. For preprints under review, please refer to my google scholars.

“A Survey on Machine Learning Approaches for Modelling Intuitive Physics

[IJCAI-ECCAI 2022 ] (Survey Track 18% Acceptance Rate)

Authors: Jiafei Duan*, Arijit Dasgupta*, Jason Fischer, Cheston Tan


“PIP: Physical Interaction Prediction via Mental Simulation with Span Selection”

ArXiv Preprint

Authors: Jiafei Duan*, Samson Yu*, Soujanya Poria, Bihan Wen, Cheston Tan


“A Benchmark for Modeling Violation-of-Expectation in Physical Reasoning Across Event Categories ”

ArXiv Preprint

Authors: Arijit Dasgupta, Jiafei Duan, Marcelo H Ang Jr, Yi Lin, Su-hua Wang, Renée Baillargeon, Cheston Tan


“AVoE: A Synthetic 3D Dataset on Understanding Violation of Expectation for Artificial Cognition ”

[NeurIPS 2021 Physical Reasoning and Inductive Bias Workshop]

Authors: Arijit Dasgupta, Jiafei Duan, Marcelo H.Ang Jr, Cheston Tan

[Paper] [Code] [Video]

“SPACE: A Simulator for Physical Interactions and Causal Learning in 3D Environments ”

[ICCV2021, Simulation Technology for Embodied AI Workshop]

Authors: Jiafei Duan, Samson Yu, Cheston Tan

[Paper] [Code] [Video] [Website]

“A Survey of Embodied AI: From Simulators to Research Tasks.”

[IEEE Transactions on Emerging Topics in Computational Intelligence]

Authors: Jiafei Duan, Samson Yu, Tan Hui Li, Hongyuan Zhu, Cheston Tan


“ActioNet: An Interactive End-to-End Platform for Tasked-Based Data Collection and Augmentation in 3D Environment.”

[ICIP 2020, Oral Presentation]

Authors: Jiafei Duan, Samson Yu, Tan Hui Li, Cheston Tan

[Paper] [Code] [Video][Website]

Professional Service

General Chair ARSC 2021

Invited reviewer for IEEE T-CSVT, CVPR 2022, ECCV 2022, NeurIPS 2022


*Here are some students/interns that I have helped with co-advising

Arijit Dasgupta (2021-2022), Incoming MIT EECS PhD

Ye Jieyi (2021-2022), Incoming at SWE Shopee

Hobbies and Interests

Cycling / 3D modeling & Animating / Magic / VR Gaming / Traveling