Fun Projects

1. Luggate

We proposed Lug-Gate, the first-ever automated end-to-end pipeline for luggage damage detection using state-of-the-art 3D photogrammetry and neural rendering techniques. Using our techniques, we can generate 3D meshes of passenger’s luggage for damaged detection. With the aim to provide a gateway for hassle-free baggage claims.

We are awarded the Dare to Imagine Award at the SIA App Challenge 2020.


2. Smart Guard

Our solution: SmartGuard is an all in one cloud-based AI-driven mobile application that takes data collected from sensors and IoT embedded in our community together with public reporting to predicting anomaly or potential hazard within the community. This is achieved using our state-of-the-art Machine learning algorithms to do fire and anomaly detection via public accessible data such as This aim of this application is to facilitate the flow of valuable information between users to ensure that everyone is alert about potential hazard near them and hence allowing them to carry out early-stage interventions and as result prevent wastage of emergency resource.

-Anyone can download and login in the SmartGuard mobile application using their SingPass.
-Public data collected about the weather and temperature will be used to train the anomaly detection model to predict potential threat that might be caused as a result of harsh weather condition such as tree family and even fire. This will alert the user to take necessary action to avoid or prevent it.


3.HelpLah! A COVID-19 Mobile Application

Project description This is a full-stack mobile application developed by my team for the DSTA hackathon which focuses on integrating all existing COVID19-related mobile applications into one single application.


4. Masked Hero

MakeMIT 2020 table 17 project This is an attachment device that allows user to put onto any N95 masks, and it will be able to calculate out the lifespan of the mask which is about 8 hours on average depending on different individuals. This is achieved using sensors such as accelerometer, temperature & humidity sensor to track and compute out the rate of decaying of the mask due to usage. This is to help prevent mask wastage especially during this period whereby there is a huge global outbreak of coronavirus. We also using Verizon’s Critical Asset Sensor to measure the environment temperature and humidity which can also affect the lifespan of the mask.



AirHero install advanced sensors on an autonomous rover that will seek out volatile organic compounds and impurities in the air in public area. The concept can also be translated onto handheld voc detection device for household usage. All the data collected will be used to train our state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms to help predict VOC level in indoor via only mobile devices.


6.Multi Purpose Humanoid Arm

It is a robotic arm which consist of 15 D.O.F control by human gesture. Which is mounted onto a rover platform. It has also haptic feedback technology and advance on board sensors. This project was featured on various mainstream news such as Channel 8 News and TheNewPaper.
This project was also awarded the Tan Kah Kee Young Inventor’s Award 2016

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